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Are you proud owner of Smart Capital? Let's meet!

Mastermatch offers you the chance to join our promising and scalable startup. We are looking for investors to help build our company. Preferably smart capital, not mandatory. Let’s get to know each other.

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You are investor. We are a startup! Are we a mastermatch too?

We did a pilot with 100 paying customers. Our MVP is 95% ready. We are building a waiting list and have a launching partner. Wit our smart and fully automated hypergrowth loop strategy we aim for exponentional growth. Will you join the ride?

Targeted one-on-one's at every business event

Random encounters, superficial conversations, unsolicited sales behavior and Linkedin connections you never talk to again. This is practise at 43% of in-person business events, having us miss tons of opportunities. Why? Lack of budget or time for the event organizer to implement an event networking solution.

We are disrupting the business events industry, creating targeted and real connections at 43% of the market now neglected by alternative event apps. And become so valuable to professionals, that using Mastermatch at all events will become evident.

With our unique strategy and business model we are one of a kind compared to our competitors (all single-event focused), which gives us a huge advantage and makes it hard to catch up. We revolutionize meeting people at events giving attendees full control. Want to know how? Let’s meet!

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Do not let another business event pass by, without making the connections you need to succeed

Jorinde Schouten

Did you miss our live pitch? We got you!

Founder Jorinde Schouten tells you everything about our plans in the online Live Show of Angels & Dragons. Not a technical pitch like you are used to, but a story that everyone recognizes. Anyone who has ever been to a business event. We clipped the pitch from the show for you.

How does it work? Check the preview

Mastermatch is an invite-only platform. So you must be invited. In a demo we show how users start with the app after they have received an invitation. The video is now only in Dutch, but you will definitely get the idea.

Let's meet!

Are you interested in learning more about investing in Mastermatch? We are happy to schedule a one-on-one meeting or video call. Send a message and we will get back to you soon!

Mastermatch was in the Online Live Show of Angels & Dragons. A sharefunding platform that brings together investors and companies. The live show is an Angels & Dragons and EJ Capital production.

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